Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

The Gulf of Guinea has seen a dramatic drop in piracy in recent years, attributed to increased efforts by regional and international navies, along with piracy convictions in Nigeria and Togo. This has been credited to the shift of criminal networks to other crimes, particularly oil bunkering. Oil bunkering is a major problem in the Gulf of Guinea, with the Nigerian government leading the region in cooperation to increase security. Despite the significant reduction in piracy, United Nations officials are warning that continued vigilance is necessary to prevent a resurgence of the crime. This is particularly important as oil bunkering has had a hard impact on Nigeria, leading to lower exports and decreased production levels not seen since the 1980s. Nigeria has been very successful in tackling piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, and the Nigerian government is continuing to take proactive steps to tackle oil bunkering. These include increased patrols in the Gulf of Guinea, increased cooperation with regional and international navies, and the implementation of legislation to punish those found guilty of oil bunkering. The success of Nigeria’s efforts in tackling piracy in the Gulf of Guinea is a positive sign for the region, and it is hoped that other countries in the region will follow suit and take similar steps to tackle oil bunkering. This will help to ensure that the Gulf of Guinea remains a safe and secure area for shipping and trade, and will help to reduce the impact of oil bunkering on Nigeria.

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