Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmed Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah called on Iraq to complete the demarcation of maritime borders between the two countries at the second Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership in Jordan. Al-Sabah noted the importance of Iraq’s role in the region and expressed Kuwait’s desire to support Iraq in all fields. He also highlighted the importance of closing outstanding issues in order to move relations to new horizons. In addition to maritime borders, the Kuwaiti Prime Minister noted the need for Iraq to resolve the status of Kuwaiti citizens living in Iraq. These issues are of particular importance to Kuwait, as they are linked to its sovereignty and its right to self-determination. By resolving these issues, the two nations will be able to move towards a more positive and productive relationship in the future. The Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership has been a successful forum for discussion and dialogue between the regional countries. The conference is an opportunity for all to come together and find ways to cooperate and build stronger relationships. The Kuwaiti Prime Minister’s call to resolve outstanding issues between Kuwait and Iraq is a positive step towards further collaboration and mutual understanding between the two countries. The call for the demarcation of maritime borders is especially important for the region. It is a crucial step towards the stability and security of the region and the free flow of goods and services. It is also a sign of both countries’ commitment to the peaceful resolution of disputes and the promotion of economic and social development in the region. It would allow for increased economic activity and trade between them, as well as increased safety and security. It would also benefit the wider region, as it would provide a more secure environment for commercial activity.

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