Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Riyadh and Cairo held talks on Tuesday to discuss defense cooperation between the two countries, stressing their commitment to joint efforts to confront regional threats.

The two sides discussed the importance of furthering bilateral ties and ways to strengthen military cooperation, according to a statement released by the Saudi Press Agency.

The talks between Saudi Defense Minister, Prince Khalid bin Salman, and his Egyptian counterpart, Mohamed Zaki, focused on current regional and international developments, as well as the two countries’ efforts to maintain security and stability in the region.

The two ministers also discussed plans to boost collaboration in the defense sector, such as joint military exercises and exchange of expertise in defense-related fields.

The discussions come as the two countries seek to strengthen their ties and promote regional stability amid heightened regional tensions. The talks also come at a time when both countries are facing the threat of terrorism and extremism.

The Saudi-Egyptian defense cooperation is expected to play a key role in ensuring regional security and stability, and countering the threats posed by extremism and terrorism.

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