Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Sudan is entering a new era of governance today, as the final round of the country’s political process is set to start. This round marks the culmination of the transition from a military-led government to a civilian-led one.

Since a popular uprising began in December 2018, Sudan has been in a state of flux. After months of protests and negotiations, the Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the Forces of Freedom and Change (FFC) reached a deal, paving the way for a three-year transition period.

The deal called for the creation of a new cabinet, with the TMC and FFC sharing power. It also called for the creation of a new legislative body and the establishment of a Sovereign Council, which will oversee the transition period.

Today marks the start of the final round of the political process. This will involve the election of a prime minister and the formation of a new cabinet. The prime minister will be selected from a list of candidates proposed by the FFC and will be responsible for managing the transition period.

The cabinet will be made up of a mix of technocrats and political figures from the FFC. The goal is to create an effective government that is capable of addressing the country’s many challenges.

The election of a prime minister and the formation of a cabinet are just the first steps towards a new era in Sudanese politics. The transition period will also involve a series of reforms, including constitutional amendments, economic reforms, and anti-corruption measures.

The success of the transition period will depend on the commitment of all parties involved. The FFC and the TMC need to work together to ensure that the process is democratic and inclusive. The people of Sudan need to remain engaged and support the new government.

Only then can Sudan emerge from the transition period stronger and more unified than ever before. Today marks the start of this process, and it is up to the people of Sudan to ensure that it is successful.

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