Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

US President has directed Defense Secretary to devise an emergency plan for establishing a US military industrial presence in Morocco in a strategic move that could help to strengthen the US’s global military presence.

This move is likely driven by the CIA’s report that Russia is expanding its influence in Africa and is discussing the establishment of a large logistical base in Algeria. This would threaten US interests and those of its allies in the region.

The US military industrial base in Morocco would provide the US with a foothold in the region that could be used to counter Russian influence and protect US interests. The base would also serve to strengthen Rabat’s leading role in combating terrorism, as well as its integration into the international military equation, by developing its technical military capabilities. This would be of great benefit to the US and its allies in the region, as it would help to keep the peace and maintain stability.

The US military industrial base in Morocco could also provide the US with access to new markets and resources. This could help to boost the US economy by providing new opportunities for businesses to invest and expand. Additionally, the US could use the base to develop partnerships with other countries in the region, which could lead to increased trade and economic development.

This outpost could be a major win for the US and its allies in the region. It could help to protect US interests and counter Russian influence, while also providing the US with new economic opportunities and partnerships.

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