Tue. Sep 19th, 2023

Analysis by Robert Stone

The recent decision by Morocco to send T-72B tanks to Ukraine to support the country’s counter-offensive against Russian forces marks a significant development in the ongoing crisis in the region.

This move is not only the first of its kind by an African nation, but it also highlights Morocco’s growing role in regional and global security and can be seen as a response to the increasing Russian influence in the region.

The ongoing crisis in Ukraine has led to a power struggle between Russia and the West, with both sides seeking to assert their influence in the region. Morocco’s decision to provide military support to Ukraine can be seen as a show of solidarity with the West and a move to counter Russian influence in the region.

Furthermore, Rabat is trying to highlights the country’s growing role in global affairs. Morocco has traditionally been a key player in African politics, but this motion marks a shift towards a more active role in international affairs.

In terms of the Moroccan military, this also reflects its capabilities and readiness. Morocco operates a fleet of over 140 tanks, which were acquired from Belarus in 1999 and 2000. The country’s decision to send T-72B tanks to Ukraine is a clear indication of its military capabilities and readiness to engage in international affairs.

It’s worth noting that Morocco’s move also raises questions about the current state of the African continent and its role in global security. As the world is becoming more interconnected, Africa’s stability and security will have an increasingly larger impact on global stability. It is now clear African nations are not only aware of this fact but also willing to take an active role in addressing these issues and it will be interesting to see if other African nations will follow in Morocco’s footsteps in taking an active role in addressing these issues. It is important for the international community to pay attention to the developments in Africa, as the stability and security of the continent will have a greater impact on global stability in the future.

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