Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

Op.Ed. by Nicola Sole

The reopening of the Moroccan embassy in Baghdad after 18 years of closure is a significant event that has the potential to bring about major changes in the relationship between Morocco and Iraq. The two countries have a rich history of cultural, political and economic interactions, which were disrupted by the security situation in Iraq in the aftermath of the US-led invasion in 2003. The recent move to reopen the embassy signals a willingness on the part of both nations to rebuild and strengthen their ties.

From an economic perspective, the reopening of the embassy provides an opportunity for Morocco and Iraq to collaborate on trade and investment initiatives. Iraq is rich in natural resources and has a large population, making it an attractive market for Moroccan businesses looking to expand their reach. On the other hand, Morocco has a strong manufacturing sector and can provide much-needed expertise and technology to Iraq’s rebuilding efforts.

In addition to economic benefits, the reopening of the embassy also opens the door for greater cooperation between Morocco and Iraq on political and security issues. The two countries share a common concern about the threat of extremism and terrorism and can work together to enhance their security and stability. The discussions around the Palestinian cause, the establishment of a Palestinian state, and a united stance against attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque show that the two nations are keen to address regional and global issues together.

In conclusion, the reopening of the Moroccan embassy in Baghdad holds great potential for Morocco and Iraq to rebuild their relationship and work together to address the challenges of the 21st century. The initiative signals a new era of cooperation between the two nations, which will bring benefits not just to them but also to the wider region and the world as a whole.

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