Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Liberia’s President George Weah recently announced that he will be seeking a second term this year when elections are held in 2023. This announcement has been met with both criticism and praise from his supporters and opponents alike.

The former soccer star-turned-president has had a tumultuous first term in office. Weah ran on a platform of fighting poverty, creating jobs, and improving the education system, however these promises have yet to be fulfilled. Critics of Weah blame him for his handling of the economy, citing rampant corruption and rising unemployment.

However, Weah’s supporters point to numerous successes that have taken place during his term in office. These include a successful fight against the Ebola virus, the reopening of the University of Liberia, and the launching of a new national health insurance scheme. Weah has also achieved some success in the fight against corruption, with his government launching investigations into several high profile cases of fraud and embezzlement.

As Liberia’s 2023 election approaches, it will be interesting to see how President Weah’s announcement will impact the race. Although he has faced criticism for failing to deliver on some of his campaign promises, Weah still has a strong base of supporters who are likely to vote for him. At the same time, his opponents have been vocal in their criticism, and they will be looking to capitalize on Weah’s perceived shortcomings.

Regardless of the outcome, President Weah’s decision to seek a second term has already set the stage for an intriguing election season in Liberia. With the country’s economy still struggling and the fight against corruption ongoing, Liberia’s citizens will be carefully considering the choices before them when the time comes to cast their ballots.

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