Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

A new robot equipped with a biological sensor that utilizes the antennae of locusts has been developed in Tel Aviv University, and could revolutionize disease diagnosis and security checks. Locusts have an exceptional sense of smell and researchers have managed to harness this ability to enhance the sensitivity of their bio-hybrid robot, making it far superior to existing electronic sniffers.

The process is achieved by placing the locust’s antenna between two electrodes that send electrical signals in response to nearby odors. Each scent has a unique signature, which, with the help of machine learning, the robot’s electronic system can identify. The goal of the project is to create a robot with a sense of smell that can differentiate between scents and locate them in space. This has numerous potential applications, including the detection of drugs and explosives, as well as food safety.

The developers of the robot believe the potential uses of the technology are limitless, and as scientists strive to understand how some animals detect diseases by smell, they see a future where the robot could play a significant role in this field. The robot’s advanced sensing capabilities could be used to detect diseases in their early stages, making it possible to treat patients much earlier and improving the chances of a successful outcome.

In addition to its potential in the medical field, the robot could also play a role in enhancing security checks. Its advanced sensing capabilities could be used to detect harmful substances, including drugs and explosives, making it possible to quickly locate and neutralize any potential threats.

The development of the sniffing robot marks a significant step forward in the field of biological sensing and could lead to many more exciting advancements in the future. The ability to utilize the superior sense of smell of locusts in a practical and useful manner is a truly remarkable feat and has the potential to greatly improve various industries. The team behind the project is eager to continue exploring the potential applications of their technology and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

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