Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Analysis of the China’s Patronage by by Lenny “Rainbow” Ace

Iran has emerged as one of the largest exporters of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in the world, and it has been revealed that China is one of the leading customers of these Iranian-made drones. The news of this shipment comes at a time when the controversy over Iran’s supply of UAVs to Russia is ongoing. The unnamed advisor to Iran’s Intelligence Minister made the revelation at a ceremony held at the Qazvin International University. According to him, China is next in line to receive 15,000 Iranian drones, with a total of 90 countries seeking to take advantage of Tehran’s extensive UAV industry.

The advisor stated that Iran has been looking towards the East, as the West could not bear the thought of it. This is in reference to Iran’s decision to arm Russia with drones during its ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Months into the war, Tehran’s role in the conflict was revealed, but Iran initially denied it before admitting that it had been supplying drones to Russia.

Despite facing sanctions from numerous Western nations over its active assistance, Iran has continued to deepen its cooperation with Russia. The Wall Street Journal reported this month that the two allies are moving ahead with plans to build a new factory within Russia that could produce at least 6,000 Iranian-designed drones for Russia’s war effort. The United States has curtailed exports to Iranian firms that produce drones using American components.

The significance of this development lies in the fact that it highlights the growing power of Iran in the global market for military hardware. This new report makes it clear that the Iranian drone industry is thriving, and the country is in a position to provide a wide range of UAVs to countries seeking to boost their military capabilities.

This also shows that China is not hesitating to seek military hardware from Iran, even when it is facing criticism from the international community over its support for Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. This is a clear indication of the growing economic and military partnership between Iran and China, and it has the potential to create a new balance of power in the global arena.

Overall, this sheds light on the growing importance of Iran as a leading exporter of military hardware, and the eagerness of countries like China to take advantage of this new reality. The world should be paying attention to these developments, as they have the potential to significantly shape the future of global security.

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