Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

Editorial Analysis by Adisa M. Lachgar

The World Likud Party, a political party in Israel, recently held a political meeting in Dubai to mark the third anniversary of the Abraham Accords. This agreement saw several Arab states, including the United Arab Emirates, establish normalisation agreements with Israel. About 100 members of the World Likud Party, including municipal chiefs, heads of the party’s branches and activists, flew to Dubai for the meeting, which was reportedly arranged and funded by Israel’s former Ambassador to the UN and Chairman of World Likud, Danny Danon.

According to Israeli news website Walla, the members of the Board of Trustees were asked to pay between $750 to $800 to participate in the meeting, with World Likud covering $300 of their expenses. The organization is also funded by international Jewish organizations as well as the Israeli treasury, which means that the state paid at least 100,000 shekels ($28,230) towards the conference.

The World Likud Party’s meeting in Dubai is an indication of the growing political and economic ties between Israel and the UAE, which were formalized by the signing of the Abraham Accords in September 2020. The agreement marked a major shift in the regional dynamics, as it ended decades of hostility and non-recognition between Israel and its Arab neighbors. Under the Abraham Accords, Israel and the UAE established formal diplomatic relations, with the two countries exchanging ambassadors and opening up direct flights.

The agreement has also led to greater economic cooperation between Israel and the UAE, with several bilateral trade deals signed in the past year. Israeli companies have also begun to explore opportunities in the UAE, with a number of high-profile agreements signed in areas such as technology, healthcare and renewable energy.

The meeting of the World Likud Party in Dubai also highlights the significant role that the UAE has played in promoting regional peace and stability. Since the signing of the Abraham Accords, the UAE has taken a leading role in promoting regional cooperation and dialogue, and has been involved in several diplomatic initiatives in the region. This includes the recent talks between Iran and several Gulf states, which were held in Abu Dhabi.

Overall, the World Likud Party’s meeting in Dubai is a sign of the deepening ties between Israel and the UAE, and of the growing role that the UAE is playing in promoting regional peace and stability. As the two countries continue to work together, it is likely that we will see further cooperation and collaboration in a range of areas, including politics, trade, and security.

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