Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

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Amear.news provides researchers, scholars and practitioners active in African & Middle Eastern Affairs, International Relations and Foreign Policy a spot to publish analysis and opinion relating to the themes we seek to address.

Articles must be in the form of editorial or situation reports to provide a critical perspective with major value. It is also possible to mine from the homepage to look for simple news as a starting point.

Soon, we will also launch the weekly briefing segment for our most avid readers and for our subscribers. A weekly briefing focuses on a significant geopolitical topic or issue, providing a comprehensive analysis from various perspectives. It informs readers about the political, economic and military impact of an international event, and sometimes goes beyond by predicting future events based on current circumstances. These articles are written by experienced analysts who use their knowledge and insights to anticipate future trends in world events.

While we review all submissions, not every submission will be published.

Please send all editorial-related inquiries and submissions to news@amear.news.


We ask that submissions include hyperlinked references whenever possible.
All submissions should be single-spaced, Microsoft Word (doc/docx) attached to the submission email and not pasted into the message body.
Submissions can include a preferred headline but we reserve the right to change it prior to publication.
Please only submit articles that have not been published elsewhere.

Though we are happy to consider any suitable article for publication, we do not remunerate for researchers, scholars and practitioners submissions.